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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Episode 30: Sherlock Series 4

Glenn and Alanna are back in the podcast mind palace to examine Sherlock on the occasion of its latest series. The takes flow as they move from appreciation to trepidation to disappointment and despair, stopping along the way to discuss the precise definition of fridging. Alanna identifies some plot holes while Glenn reflects on what this means for the upcoming season of Doctor Who. SPOILERS ABOUND for all of the deep dark secrets revealed.

Also, could it be that there’s a seeeeeeeeecret extra mini-podcast at the end???

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Musical selections from Sherlock series four by David Arnold and Michael Price:

  • “The Stranger” (from “The Six Thatchers”)
  • “You Look Different” (from “The Lying Detective”)
  • “She Was Different” (from “The Final Problem”)
  • “Who You Really Are” (from “The Final Problem”)

Buy the Sherlock Series 4 original score by David Arnold and Michael Price.