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Monday, May 13, 2019

Episode 44: Fight the Future — Star Trek: Discovery Season Two

Glenn & Scott are back to discuss Star Trek: Discovery’s second season, including the show’s new old characters, its whirlwind tour of Original Series episodes & concepts, and the priorities of the show’s writers. How did the show shift its focus from the first season, and how do its plot developments impact the bumper crop of spinoff shows on the horizon? Scott has things to say about the finale; Glenn has things to say about character deaths.

Should you want bare-bones thoughts on the show without plot details, the traditional non-spoiler segment of the show ends at the 9:00 mark.

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Musical Selections:

  • Star Trek: Discovery Main Title by Jeff Russo
  • “Pike’s Punishment” from Star Trek, “The Cage” by Alexander Courage
  • “Powersurge” from NFL Primetime by Ken Nelson and Jim Long of FirstCom Music
  • Star Trek: Discovery End Title by Jeff Russo

But the music excerpted in this episode: