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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Episode 67: Dune Scores, Part 2

Glenn & Scott close out DuneWatch by reviewing the final two adaptation scores, Dune (1984) by Toto and Dune (2021) by Hans Zimmer. They discuss the drastically different takes on the source material offered by the two scores and which, if either, feels appropriate. Scott shocks the world by actually enjoying a Zimmer score, and Glenn shocks no one by inferring story resonances that may actually be too abstract to express in music. Glenn struggles with how to describe the orchestration of a score made without an orchestra, while Scott struggles with his limited attention. Finally, they compare all four Dune scores, and consider whether such a comparison is even worth discussing.

Note: Only four different releases of Hans Zimmer's Dune music were available at the time of recording. If more of them have come out while we were editing, then we apologize for any oversight.

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Musical Selections:

  • "Main Title" from Dune by Toto
  • "Africa" by Toto
  • "The Duke's Death" from Dune by Toto
  • "Final Dream" from Dune by Toto
  • "Riding the Sandworm" from Dune by Toto
  • "Big Battle" from Dune by Toto
  • "The Floating Fat Man (The Baron)" from Dune by Toto
  • "The Ambush" from Dune by Toto
  • "Leaving Caladan" from Dune by Hans Zimmer
  • "Paul's Dream" from Dune by Hans Zimmer
  • "Gom Jabbar" (CD version)from Dune by Hans Zimmer
  • "My Road Leads Into the Desert" from Dune by Hans Zimmer
  • "Gom Jabbar" (Oscar promo version) from Dune by Hans Zimmer
  • "Broken Tooth" from Dune by Hans Zimmer
  • "Bene Gesserit" from Dune by Hans Zimmer
  • "Armada" from Dune by Hans Zimmer
  • Atreides arrival on Arrakis from Dune by Hans Zimmer
  • "Summon the Worms" from Children of Dune by Brian Tyler

The theme music used in this podcast is Discovery by Alexander Nakarada https://filmmusic.io/song/5756-discovery