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Monday, April 19, 2021

Non-Toxic Fanboys on Twitch?

We've mentioned before how our spree of claiming the name "nontoxicfanboys" on every site we could think of led to us deciding to actually use the sites we now have accounts on. And so now we present to you: twitch.tv/nontoxicfanboys.

Glenn & Scott will be doing their first stream tonight, April 19, at 8pm US Eastern time. Watch us play Doom II, and probably screw up a bunch because it's our first stream. Come ask us about today's episode or about past episode topics or about anything at all, really. We're kind of streaming into the void here.

Our plan is to stream every Monday night at 8:00 for around 3-4 hours. Our initial list of games to play are all games we already know we enjoy and can play in 2-player co-op mode, games we can have fun with on a stream without having to focus on being super competitive. If you have any games you would like to see us try out, let us know and we'll check it out!

So come join us at twitch.tv/nontoxicfanboys tonight at 8:00! Fun is sure to be had.

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